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April 2, 2008
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Fem Fortress 2 by HertzaHaeon Fem Fortress 2 by HertzaHaeon
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Since the cast of the excellent Team Fortress 2 is all male, I thought it would be fun to make some gender bending fanart. The idea is to make them distinctly female, without changing the class look too much or making them sexist (which is unfortunately all too common). Of course I can't come close to the incredible original design work, but still.

Props for the name "Fem Fortress 2" goes to May.

Update: Finally done with all classes! Yay!
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Master-of-the-Boot Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love the heavy as a buff black lady, even more I love that the lady scout isn't wearing a dress. 

God, medic looks worse and scarier than the administrator. Male Medic may be crazy but he's all smiles; lady madic is pale and has seen to much of this shit. 

Female soldier looks the most interesting of all because she's so butch yet never cartoonish. 
HertzaHaeon Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! The Medic was one of my first designs in this bunch and the one I'm least happy with. She would've needed something more to be really good.
weskerchild117 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I love how you didn't just skank them up! frankly I still think the pyro is a woman..... are a boss!

Kylelolcat Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I like this very much. The designs fit the setting, seem practical and are unique enough to give them their own identities. Now, for individuals...

Liking the Sniper. Seems a lot more "professional killer" and a lot less "big game hunter". Also, not meaning to stereotype, but I think she's the new Russian character.

It irked me at first, but now I agree with making Heavy black. Heck, why not make her Scottish while you're at it?

Why does the Spy look like one of my friends? Coincidence, I guess. Then again, spy work is kinda her thing...that and art. In fact, she's a Deviant as well...*Skeksis hum*

Yeah...Frau Doktor is Frau Doktor. Very nice "all business" look.

Welp, in opposition to the older Medic and the more serious Spy and Sniper, we have Femgineer. Howdy Y'all!

A pretty Scout works, since vanilla Scout is what one would call a "pretty boy".

I don't know why I prefer the beret over the helmet, I just do. The closest thing we get to a beret for Soldier is Bill's Hat...*Skeksis hum*

Alright, what nationality is Demowoman? I'm betting on some form of Latino. Definitely didn't expect that.

I only like Pyros with hair when the hair is singed, like in this picture. It identifies them as a female while keeping in touch with reality.

All in all, I want these as models. *Skeksis hum*
HertzaHaeon Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! Glad you like it.

Yes, the Demowoman is supposed to be latino. I wanted to make these character more individuals and less female clones of the male ones.
DrinkingOJ Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Good job
BrassAsteria Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Although the hair poking out of the Pyro's gas-mask irks me somewhat, I overall appreciate trying to keep with the practical TF2 spirit.
HertzaHaeon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I struggled with the Pyro quite a bit, as I'm sure you can imagine. Making her her female but not blatantly so was hard, and in the end singed hair was the best I come up with. The issue of burning it off was solved with an awesome asbestos schampoo from MannCo. :D
BrassAsteria Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Student General Artist
I can understand that but I honestly think a badly made wig would look more practical. Even if it did look silly, just imagine seeing a female Pyro with a load of heat-resistant strips of rubber stuck to her gasmask as a personal touch.
Choleric-Revenge Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Blu pyro is female
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